In 2011, I collaborated with dancers/choreographers Jadd Tank and Mollie Wolf, aka WOLFTANK, to create an interdisciplinary performance piece called Avant Guerre. Our goal for the collaborative work was to explore the politics of art, war, and a fictitious society's relationship to both. It tells a loose narrative of an elderly queen who hands down the throne to a younger queen (Wolf). As the new queen enters into power, she faces the wrath of War (Tank), and the judgement of those she governs.

   Over the course of nearly an entire year, we prepared video and dance material, as well as a multi-projector installation for the live show, which was performed November 17th and 18th of 2011 in the Atlas Blackbox Theater in Boulder, Co. The final piece was highly experimental and integrated live music performed by Albert Mathias, as well as hand-painted 16mm film projection, along with video, and most importantly, choreographed dance.

   Below, you can watch the entire performance, intercut with material that was projected during the show. You can also view behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and our web promos we created leading up the the live event.